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Ali's Eats specializes in smaller venue gatherings of 50 people or less, but can cater up to 125 for buffet type events.  If you are looking to have someone cater your family reunion, baby shower, corporate lunch, intimate gathering of friends, or  any type of celebration, reach out to Ali at, to find out more information. 

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING INQUIRIES FOR CATERED EVENTS:  I ask that you please email me instead of leaving me a voice message.  I am a small business owner and wear many hats. My day starts at 6:00 am and ends at 10:00 pm, and most of that time I am on the go sourcing ingredients, running a kitchen, preparing for my schedule meal pick up or working an event.  It is virtually impossible for me to stop and answer a call, because most of what I do is time sensitive. Please email me with as much detail as you can provide: date, time, place, # of guests, type of event, etc. and you will get a much faster response from me via email than I can return your call. Typically my only time I have for correspondence is early in the morning or late at night when I get home. In the event that I am available, we can schedule a call to further discuss if needed.  

I do not have a standard menu pricing for catered events. Every menu I create for each individual event.  I want to account for the food, type of event, food sensitivities/allergies, kids/no kids, etc.  And I build a menu specific to your party's needs. 

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