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Online Store

Welcome to Ali's Eats Online Store. You can pre-order your Around the World Dinner Club Meals here, during the available order window.  Just click on the "Order Here" button below.  

For more information on Around the World Dinner Club, go to my Around the World Dinner Club page under Services.


Please Note: If you log into the store and there are no items, it is because the order window has closed.  Please refer to the Food Event Calendar for the Around the World Schedule.  

Important Disclaimer:  During peak times on the site if there are multiple people placing an order at one time, the site has been know to sometimes not process an order.  It is a glitch in Square, that I can't seem to get resolved. It is important to check your email for a confirmation of your order.  If you have not received an email confirmation within a few minutes of ordering, odds are it did not go through and you will need to process it again

If you have any issues with placing your order, you can contact Ali at  

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