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Soup and Bread Program 

Fundraiser for The Resource Connection Food Bank in San Andreas

      Update as of 5/18/21:  With business for everyone starting to ramp up back to normal as COVID restrictions are being lifted, Ron has decided to bring the Soup and Salad Program to a conclusion.  We want to thank everyone who contributed to this amazing fundraiser for our community. We are proud to say that we raised over $8000 for the Resource Connection. 

I am aware this program is popular, and I am taking a month off to figure out how to revamp something like this every week out of Ali's Eats Kitchen. I have some events I have to prioritize and a vacation planned.  During this down time I will be thinking through this to see if this is something  I can continue in maybe a slightly different way.  I am not sure if it will be a fundraiser, at least in the immediate future.  I may just be offering health soup and salad options in alternate weeks of my Round the World Dinner Club.  Will keep you posted on what I decide.  

For those not familiar with the Soup/Salad Program we help for the last year and half....

Back in March of 2020 when Covid stay at home orders kicked in, Ron Pieretti at Prospect 772 Winery wanted to provide an offering to the community during a scary and challenging time.  He also wanted to help out a couple of small local businesses just starting out stay afloat.  So he reached out to Todd Gunter and myself and said let's provide an affordable offering of soup and bread for a reasonable price to the community.  Any and all profits from his end would go directly to the food bank.  This program became very popular and the community really has rallied around it.  


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