ATW Dinner Club is online and ready for orders!

Place your pre-orders online on Saturday and Sunday, and pick up your food on Thursday from 4-6 pm at Ali's Eats kitchen. The ordering window will close 11:59 PM on Sunday. ORDER BELOW:

Re-heatable Meals

Around the World Dinner Club
Re-heatable Food with International Flare in Murphys!

As a Bay Area expat, I got accustomed to getting access to any cultural cuisine I craved when I lived in the city. Once we moved to Murphys, I knew I had to learn how to cook the varying types of food I wanted to eat because there is limited offerings up here. Then it dawned on me one day, I bet there are plenty of locals with the same cravings! And just like that, The Around the World Dinner Club was created.

Every week, I post a new menu online. You have Saturday and Sunday to place your order, and then I take the menu down 11:59 PST on Sunday, and start preparing for the week. The pick up is always on Thursdays from 4-6 pm at my kitchen. Reheat instructions are provided with your order. *

*I do take the occasional week or weeks off.  Sometimes I have a large catering job, or simply need to take a week or two off to recharge or get caught up on adminstrative duties.  I am an avid traveler which is where I get my inspiration, so there is also occasionally an extended trip planned every two or three years, so always refer to the Calendar for the meal schedule.