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Doubles (V/VG)

Doubles (V/VG)

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A street food delicacy from Trinidad and Tobago. Spicy Chickpea Curry with onions and garlic stewed and put on a stack of 2 fried flatbreads that are spiced with cumin and tumeric. You fold the first flat bread with a a full pile of chickpea curry and eat it over the second flat bread. All the curry that falls onto the second flatbread becomes your second portion, hence why they are called "Doubles". You are provided 2 doubles, so that is 4 flat breads and a 1/2 quart of the chickpea curry. Serves 2. 

Important note: If ordering these, I recommend eating them the day you pick them up. The flatbread will be freshly fried and have a nice chew to it. If you reheat the flatbreads it is still good, but just a little chewier than if you were to have them the day they are made.

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